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Vidéo You Tube!


Super Merveilleux.


"Faites-le vous même!"


"Montrez comment faire à vos enfants!" 




Ca a l'air facile? 


Japonnais bien sûr!


Vidéo illustrée par l'exemple: Pas de parole.



Et pour celles et ceux qui ont la chance de parler anglais:


 Hey guys,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback from my last painting video. Some of you were asking for more painting videos to come so I vlogged my most recent painting lesson from Tim Gagnon. It's my last misty forest lesson =( I give all credits of this painting to Tim Gagnon. It was his guidance that led to the completion of this painting. 

I can't explain how much your comments meant to me. It really motivates me to improve and maybe someday- maybe I can become a true artist by selling my work. If not- teaching art will be just as rewarding ^_^. I have so much more to learn and it's given my life so much more direction and inspiration. 

These types of videos will hopefully show the other side to me. I like beauty, hair and fashion but there's more that inspires me. It also allows me to talk to you guys. I guess... I want you guys to know that despite everything that's happened, I am still the same old Bubz. Youtube has been a great stepping stone for me. It's helped me develop my tshirt range, makeup brushes and has given me countless opportunities. I really realized that happiness doesn't come from success or fame... It's still the little things that make me happiest. It's still the people in my life that keep my days bright. I hope everybody out there will realise their own worth. Nobody is worthless. Everybody can make an impact too, big or small.

Thank you so so much for encouraging me all these years. I've gone from a student to a bum to a mini entrepreneur with you guys by my side. You have no idea how much this means to me. You guys have been my rock to me (without you even knowing). I won't be able to explain how grateful I am but I can explain the surface of my feelings. Now I just want to go back to enjoying the simple things in life. I'm so inspired and now I really believe I can go back into painting and pursue an art career. Thank you so so much! I can't thank you guys enough.

Of course, this painting was guided by Tim Gagnon's online painting lesson. He is brilliant. . If you guys check out his channel, you guys will see how his original one is 100x better lol. It was actually that video that drawn me to purchase his painting lessons. This is my final misty forest lesson from Tim and I really have to say that I've learnt so much from him. I highly recommend anybody out there to check out his website and youtube channel for painting lessons at:

Tim, if you watched this video- I want to thank you so so much. You've taught me to go back to painting again. Your passion really inspires me. Thank you so much!! I know you'll do amazing in life ^_^ I look forward to your future painting lessons hehe. Even though this is no where as good as your original, hope I didn't disappoint you too much with my attempt =)

Music: Where the Love lasts forever Instrumental by Hillsong United

Much love, Bubz xx


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Commentaires laissés par les membres :

1 . le 10/08/2012, par francescaGraine de Végétaliseur

Bonjour je voudrais savoir,la peinture que la japonaise fait es que elle est a l'huile ou acrylique. merci

2 . le 13/02/2012, par mimilasourisGrand Végétaliseur

une démonstration valant autant qu'un long discours, la vidéo est très instructive

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